Tails and Tales Children's Summer Reading Slogan Banner
Ages 8-12

Registration Required 
for all Tween Programs

Logs Due
Saturday, July 31st

Rules and Guidelines

· Tweens (8-12) will be logging minutes read this year.

· "Beanstack" will be used to log Summer Reading stats. You can download the “Beanstack Tracker” app on your phone.  This app is available in both the iTunes & Google Play stores. **

· Tweens will earn badges as they progress through our Summer Reading challenge.

· In addition to badges, Readers will earn 1 ticket for every 1-hour read.

· Tickets can also be earned by completing challenges. Each challenge completed = 1 ticket.

· These tickets can be used at the "End of Summer Store."

· The top reader in the Tween's age group will also win a Kindle Fire!

In order to win prizes, the following rules apply:

Reading materials must be checked out from Sims Library.

Reading materials must be on or above your reading level.

Titles can only be listed once.

** Paper logs will also be available in the Children's Department.