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Ages 13-18

May 28 - July 20

Logs Due
Saturday, July 20th

Teen Summer Reading Guidelines

  • This summer we are counting minutes.

  • Logging will be done online using Beanstack. You can download the “Beanstack Tracker” app on your phone.  This app is available in both the iTunes & Google Play stores.**

  • Books, books on CD, or eBooks need to be checked out from Sims Library, on or above your reading level.


  • There will be weekly prize drawings for anyone who logged at least 30 minutes the previous week.

    • For example, if you read and logged 5 minutes every day from June 3 - June 9, you would qualify for the drawing on June 11.

    • Paper logs must be turned in by Saturday (of the logging week). So if the drawing is on June 11th, the paper logs must be turned in by June 8.

    • There will be 7 weekly drawings. 

  • At the end of the contest, the top Teen reader (most minutes logged) will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    • The top Teen reader will be announced at the end of July.

**Paper logs are available at the library.

BeanStack on Google Play Link
Beanstack on Apple App Store Link

12 Year-olds choosing to read in Sim's Summer Reading Program should complete reading logs from the Children's Summer Reading Page or Children's Room. Tweens are not eligible for the Teen prize bundles.

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