Volunteer At Sims Library

Sims Library Loves Volunteers!!!!

Court Appointed Community Service

Sims Library does not accept court appointed community service hours for volunteering.

Age Requirements

Except upon special circumstances, approved by the Library Director all volunteers should be 14 years or older. Junior volunteers under the age of 18 required to perform service for specific programs are accepted on a short-term basis. Parents/guardians of junior volunteers must sign a consent form for their children to perform volunteer service hours at the Library.

Signing Up

To sign up to be a volunteer, please fill out and return the Volunteer Application Form. Please return the completed form to the main desk or you may send the application to adult@simslib.org

Background Check

All Volunteers over the age of 18 must agree to a criminal background check. THis policy is in place to protect our patrons, children and adults, as well as our staff. A criminal background does not automatically disqualify a person from volunteering though it does play a large part in deciding if volunteers will be called upon for service.

What Volunteers Do

Volunteers at Sims Library do a variety of Tasks. Some examples are as follows: Processing Materials for Circulation Assisting in Preparing and conducting programs for all age groups Shelving Library Materials Shelf Reading Organizing materials Working with donations for booksale Helping descard materials from the collection.