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How to get a Library Card at Sims Library

Did you know that if you live within the city limits of Waxahachie, Texas you can get a library card for free at Nicholas P. Sims Library? There seems to be some confusion about who can get a library card, how one goes about getting a library card, and what information is needed to obtain a library card. Hopefully the following information will answer some of the questions that you may have.

Who can get a library card?

The great news is that anyone can get a library card at Sims Library. If you live within the city limits a portion of your city taxes helps fund the library, therefore, you can become a member of Sims Library for free.


If you live in the county, or in another city, we still would love to have you as library patrons. For a yearly household fee of $35.00, you and your family can take advantage of everything Sims Library has to offer. However, participation in most programs and events Does Not require a library card.

What is needed to obtain a library card?

All that is needed to get a library card is a valid ID and proof of residence. If your ID is current and the address is up to date, that is all you need. If you have just moved into town, or have put off changing your address, then we will require a photo ID and a utility bill or lease agreement to show proof of residence. You must be 18 years or older to sign up.


Parents are more than welcome to get their children library cards, and all family members will be linked together for smooth transactions.

For more detailed information click here.

How does one go about getting a library card?

Come in and see us! It is that simple. Come to the Main Desk of the library and speak to one of the librarians who will be more than happy to help you. Do not forget to bring the required items mentioned above.


We look forward to see you in the library, and we guarantee, the benefits of being a member of Sims Library far outweigh the cost. Be sure to look at the bottom of your receipts every time you check out to see how much money you saved each visit.

Why should I get a library card?

E-Books, databases, learn a language, ancestry research, audio-books, DVDs, magazines, computer and internet services, Kindles, Wi-Fi, Hotspots, Tumble books, Homework Help and of course books are available for you and your family to check out.


A Sims Library card will save the average family of six approximately $4,388.82 per year.

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