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Sims Library Summer Reading 2022

June 1 - July 16

  • Children 0-12 will be logging minutes.

  • Children will earn badges as they progress through our Summer Reading challenge.

  • In addition to badges, children will earn tickets for time read.

    • Children 0 -5, will earn 1 ticket for every 1/2 hour read.​

    • Children 6 -12, will earn 1 ticket for every 1-hour read.

  • Each challenge completed = 1 ticket.

  • These tickets can be used at the "End of Summer Store."

  • Top Reader Prizes will be awarded for the following age groups:

  • Teens 13-18 will be logging minutes.

  • There will be weekly prize drawings for anyone who logged at least 30 minutes the previous week.

    • For example, if you read and logged 5 minutes every day from June 6th - June 12th, you would qualify for the drawing on June 14th.

    • Paper logs must be turned in by Saturday (of the logging week). So if the drawing is on June 14th, the paper logs must be turned in by June 11th.

    • There will be 7 weekly drawings. 

  • At the end of the contest, the top Teen reader (most minutes logged) will win a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

    • The top Teen reader will be announced on July 29th.

  • Adults will be logging minutes.

  • Every 30 minutes logged will count as 1 entry into the prize drawing at the end of summer!

  • Prizes are:

    • Kindle Paperwhite w/$25 Amazon Gift Card

    • $100 Amazon Gift Card

    •  $75 Amazon Gift Card

  • In order to win prizes, reading material must come from Sims Library.

    • Material must come from the Adult or YA sections.

    • E-Books must also be Adult or YA books.

Link to Beanstack on Google Play
Link to Beanstack on Apple App Store

*This year's Summer Reading Challenge will be held online. This includes registration and logging the minutes/books read.

Download the "Beanstack Tracker" app to log from your phone. This app is available from both the iTunes Store & the Google Play Store.


If you need to track your progress offline, paper logs are available.

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