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Ages 5-6

1st Place  "Mud" - Lizzy C.

Ages 7-8

1st Place  "Puppy" - Ahana J.

2nd Place  "My Dog"  - Felicity F.

3rd Place  "Seasons" - Julia C.


Ages 9-11

1st -“Bath Time” – Sarah L.

2nd - “My Cat, Tom" – Reign R.

3rd - “What to Write?" – Ashlynn G.

1st Place

"Breaking Home Ties"

Aidan F.

2nd Place

"Teenage Dream"

Leeann B.

3rd Place

"What It's Like to Heal"

Lanese F.

1st Place


Annie A.

2nd Place

"The Needful Thing" 

Holly F.

3rd Place

"I Make Pies"

David S.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the poetry contest this year. Overall we had 66 submissions! We will be in contact with the winners, and as soon as we receive the medals and gift cards, we will arrange to get them to you.

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